In common with all Road Rallies, we depend upon the willingness of those unsung heroes, the Marshals, to come out and run controls for us.

All for the pleasure of having crews arrive (all lights and brake dust), take a time, and disappear back into the dark, tail lights glowing….

Without sufficient marshals the event simply can’t run, so we urge (nay beg) that you contact our chief marshals to offer your assistance, just let them know what experience you have, and whether you can man one, two or more controls.

EMAMC Championship contenders are reminded that they can get bonus points by marshalling a round of the respective championships.

So, if you can’t compete, why not come along and sign on; you’ll be made very welcome. As a small token of our appreciation, all marshals will receive a free breakfast as a reward for staying out all night, as well as the Marshals prize draw and goody bag.

We look forward to hearing from you