The idea behind the group was formulated originally within Jaguar Apprentices Motor Club.

Mercia Motor Sports was founded in 1996 following discussions, initially between Jaguar Apprentices Motor Club, Coventry and Warwickshire Motor Club, and Warwickshire Drivers Motor Club (then known as Club Triumph Warwickshire), and then also including Rugby Motor Club. These were the four founding members of the group. Birmingham University Motor Club joined the group several years later due to its involvement in many of the events run by the MMS clubs. Although BUMC, Jaguar Apprentices and Warwickshire Drivers are no longer active, the group continues to organise joint events.

The purpose in forming the group was to combat the decline of grass roots motor sport in the Coventry and Warwickshire area. All of the clubs involved were to a greater or lesser extent suffering from lack of competitors, organisers, and marshals for the events that they were running, and needed to pool resources in order to keep the events viable. At the time, the MSA had quite restrictive rules governing who could or could not be invited to club level events, and the idea of an umbrella club was formed as a survival mechanism that would allow us to remain compliant with the rules of the MSA.

Mercia Motor Sports has no individual members, just member clubs. The individual members of those clubs can take part in the club level events organised by the other member clubs.

The group also combines forces to promote The Mercian National B Road Rally in September.

To further help promote local club level events the group provide an events list on this web site, and an events mailing list which interested individuals can subscribe to and which organisers will use for distributing information regarding forthcoming events.

In 2014 Coalville Motor Club became members of Mercia Motor Sports. Mercia have worked closley with Coalville for a number of years, especially in running the 12-car series and Coalville’s inclusion into Mercia now allows us to run it as a club championship.